We are integrating with our first Strategic Partner!

The integration of cookie3 analytics platform solutions with the Adshares protocol focuses on providing accurate tools for the marketing purposes of companies that want to reach their potential customers in the metaverse. The first joint implementation will enable ad targeting in Decentraland, allowing advertisers to target their campaigns even more precisely.

Our core products

Web3 Personalization

Cookie3 enables a revolutionary shift of the next-level user experience for all Web3 dApps.

Behavioral Reverse Oracle

With Cookie3 you will know your (and your competitors) customers’ preferences and segmentation.

Web2 & Web3 Link

Match your on-chain data with off-chain without losing privacy of the individuals.

Behavioral scoring

Separate valuable investors from weak hands and always reach desired target groups.

Precise Targeting

Reach your audiences with laser-target precision in Metaverse platforms & dApps.


We are excited about this one! Details coming soon…

Web2 Digital Advertising Market

$400 billion

Web3 Marketing Market

$166 milion

Blockchain Marketing Industry
Average Yearly Growth


Marketing executives who plan
to increase blockchain investments


Analytics of the entire Metaverse in one place.
You can think of Cookie3 as Google Analytics for Web3.

There will be plenty of business services provided in the metaverse. 
All of them will be handled by blockchain transactions.

Cookie3 will be the leader of smart analytics. We will translate transactions between metaverse users to the behavioral profiles. This will enable understanding audiences, ads targeting, marketing strategies and so much more.

We imagine future of Web3 as an interconnected digital world existing on public blockchains with its participants communicating, creating communities, and transferring value between each other. What we can infer from the current view of the market and the direction it is developing, NFTs will be an integral part of it. They will store and represent more and more aspects of people’s life leading to the emergence of digital blockchain-based reality (Web3).

Cookie3 will be the data engine aggregating, processing, and interpreting all existing NFTs, smart contracts, and tokens on a variety of chains for one common purpose – understanding the behavior of individuals. Thanks to our innovative AI and ML solutions, we will do it with laser-point accuracy.

All Cookie3 revenues will be fairly distributed across community, token value growth and ecosystem maintenance.

Rewards / Staking


Burning / DAO fund





We are working on our solutions since July 2021. Since then, we have gathered a strong, multidisciplinary team, signed initial strategic partnerships and built the first solution for our B2B customers.
We successfully onboarded two big crypto projects as strategic customers. This means our ads targeting service is already used by customers in Decentraland. A strong start!

1st Quarter


Minimum Viable Product release, Strategic & Seed rounds, Strategic Partnerships, Lightpaper publication

2nd Quarter


New product implementations, Private Sale, AI & ML refinement of analytics engine

3rd Quarter


Listing on at least one major CEX and DEX, new dApps integrations, Data matching service

4th Quarter


Further dApps integrations and chains integrations, Airdrop and Utility NFT drop for our strongest holders

Investor? Partner? Want to learn more?

Token Sale
Key details of $COOKIE Tokenomics
$ 370 000
Initial Market Cap
Total Token Supply
Supply for Community
Q3 2022
Listing date


Seeing the virtual world as a web of interconnected items based on blockchain, the Cookie3 team utilized one of the central elements of the metaverse - NFTs - for their data engine. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to process and interpret the data aggregated from NFTs, tokens and smart contracts, Cookie3 gains the power to understand individual user behavior across the metaverses. Such algorithms allow companies and brands to create behavioral profiles that are so important for accurate targeting for advertising and marketing campaigns.

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